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What makes a place somewhere? 

What makes a place have meaning?


‘Incubator’ discussions on Monday, April 3 & Tuesday, May 16; and ‘sandbox’ creative workshops with: Jordan Bennett, Jenny Brake, Megan Samms, and Douglas Walbourne-Gough

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‘Somewhere?,’ a creative event series about place – second Incubator session

The ‘Somewhere?’ Incubator is a participatory discussion at the new Centre for Research and Innovation

Tuesday, May 16, 5-9pm

In the second ‘Incubator’ session (Tuesday, May 16) we want to ask, how can we make our understanding of ‘somewhere’ richer and more complex? Whose voices need to be heard? What stories need to be told?

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Ribbons of culture, ribbons of metal

A Somewhere? creative welding workshop with Jenny Brake

Saturday, May 27, 10am-4pm

Sunday, May 28, 10am-4pm

Using traditional ribbon skirts as inspiration, join Qalipu Vice-Chief and welder Jenny Brake for a community workshop to explore the multi-faced relationships people have to culture and identity. We will explore how culture and ceremony shape our understanding of where we’re from and where we live, and how we connect to each other. We will discover new ways to fashion our ‘somewhere’ through exchanges but also to make strong ribbons of metal.’ 


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