The Tina Dolter Gallery is a juried exhibition space intended for emerging and mid career artists. The gallery is open Monday - Saturday from 10am-4pm and whenever there's a show happening in our theatre.


Current Exhibition

By : Jane Reagh

November 24th - December 22nd 2021 

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Artist Statement


This show is about a body of work made during the period of Covid lockdown.  Although we in Western NL have been mercifully spared many of the results of the pandemic, back in March of 2020 it seemed very real and threatening.  When we went into lockdown, I, like many people, spent weeks scrolling the web, trying to find answers to what would be our future.  They were not there.  


So I began to think about using this “time out” in a more constructive way.  I realized that landscape painting in the winter was an extremely isolated practice – something I could do with a clear conscience despite leaving my house.  Driving South or West looking for subject matter, I would listen to the CBC, often catching the newest speech from the steps of 24 Sussex Drive.  Sometimes I would have to pull over and cry before driving on.


Living in this state of heightened emotion affected my paintings.  The paint became thicker and the colours more intense.   My thoughts were darker, and I did not care so much about how each piece would look when I finished.  It felt like we were at the end of something important.  


I invite those who visit this show to see the landscape through this Covid lens.  It was a time before we all got used to wearing masks and listening to statistics.   It was a time when we all thought deeply about mortality.