The Tina Dolter Gallery is a juried exhibition space intended for emerging and mid career artists. The gallery is open Monday - Saturday from 10am-4pm and whenever there's a show happening in our theatre.

Current Exhibition

By Gloria Hunt

August 2nd - August 23rd 2021 

GH Close to Home Final.jpg

The title CLOSE to HOME encompasses my interpretation of everyday things many of us may take for granted.


My paintings reflect a personal response to my surroundings: An early morning walk along an open coastline or breathing in the smell of the raging sea. Catching the fall of light on an old, abandoned home where only memories remain. The peaceful, but scattered shoreline after a storm, freshly fallen snow settled at the base of a deeply rooted tree, or wildflowers swaying in the breeze.


These are moments captured in time. They inspire and free me to create in the moment unbound by any expectations as to where my brush may lead me. With lively strokes of watercolour, or perhaps bold strokes of ink, I drift into abstract expression to capture the mood and emotion of the moment.