The Tina Dolter Gallery is a juried exhibition space intended for emerging and mid career artists. The gallery is open Monday - Saturday from 10am-4pm and whenever there's a show happening in our theatre.

Current Exhibition




Heather Jackman

June 4th - June 25th 2021 


On a road trip down the west coast of Newfoundland, I happened upon a cemetery perched on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Plastic flowers were scattered across the site, spilling down onto the rocks below. These vibrant flowers contrasted with the weathered grass of the graveyard, now exposed at the onset of spring, faded by the harsh winter snow. Providing a comforting welcome, these lovingly placed flowers convey how this community mourns. Real flowers so often given as an expression of love, are short-lived and quickly wilt. Artificial flowers, although they may become tattered over the seasons, remain intact and resilient to the harsh coastal climate. The irony of their inorganic persistence is a compelling tribute to everlasting love.