The Open Gallery is designed to allow community groups, students, and emerging artists a professional gallery space to display their work in public in Corner Brook. Consisting of two hallways, it is mostly intended for two dimensional work. It is filled at a first come first served basis and the only prerequisite is that you are a member of the RAC. The gallery is open Monday - Friday from 10am-4pm and whenever there's a show happening in our theatre.


Current Exhibition


Retrospective #3

Alice Pittman Dicks

Modern Brown and Beige Vintage Scrapbook History Class Education Presentation-2.png

     I've been drawing, painting, and printing for 62 years. I have been teaching for

over 30 years.

     Right now, I love doing abstract art. I have my very own opinion of

abstract. Some I hate, but the execution of abstract is very liberating and I encourage it in my students, after they have mastered the elements of art theory and good drawing.

     This show is a retrospective of my styles and mediums over a long period

of time, from 1951 until today. I love En plein air painting (painting outside)  and do so as often as I can.  “Still Life Flowers” is a favorite subject as well.  


 I hope you enjoy my journey.

Alice Mary Pittman Dicks