The Open Gallery is designed to allow community groups, students, and emerging artists a professional gallery space to display their work in public in Corner Brook. Consisting of two hallways, it is mostly intended for two dimensional work. It is filled at a first come first served basis and the only prerequisite is that you are a member of the RAC. 

Current Exhibition



 By Judith Simmons Parsons


This exhibition does not have a particular theme. Instead it is a collection of artwork I have reflected on over the last two years. I have had time to go through my resource material, ponder on subjects which I seem to embrace from year to year, such as landscapes, seascapes and favourite varieties of trees and flowers,  and reflections of the past, such as the quintessential root cellars. I recall my Grandpa’s being very special to him, as it safely stored the fruits of his labours  from his modest garden plots; but it also provided many root vegetables essential to his family’s dinner table. Without question I have a special love for our province’s birch trees. They are another gift from nature which figures significantly into our lives as Newfoundlanders, not just for their beauty, but for the firewood they provide to heat countless homes during our frigid Newfoundland winters. I also wanted to draw attention to the plight of our bumblebees. My watercolour entitled “Honey Bees’ Delight” is an attempt to bring further attention to this global problem and hopefully engage others to help bring about a solution. I am a proud Newfoundlander and I hope my artworks show my love for all the wonders and beauties we enjoy here and proudly display to others who come to see what we have to offer.