The Rotary Arts Centre volunteer Board and Committee members first gathered in 2009. Made up of members from across the creative community of Corner Brook and the West Coast of Newfoundland they worked hard to fundraise and plan for years before the doors to the centre opened in January 2015. And we've been growing ever since!


Starting with just a volunteer staff, we have since hired two full time employees: a Theatre Coordinator who works to plan programming and run the technical aspects of the Coleman's Theatre; and a Visual Arts Coordinator who runs the OPEN Gallery and Tina Dolter Gallery.


"Ever since the introduction of the Rotary Arts Centre to Corner Brook, the possibility - and reality - of more, exciting, home-based theatre has grown exponentially. This marvelous space affords theatre practitioners, and theatre goers, a wonderful venue in which to 'play'. It was a welcome and necessary addition to the vibrant west coast theatre scene and one that will be availed of for many years to come. It has quickly become indispensable and we are lucky to have it.

"-Mike Payne Actor, Singer, and Radio Personality