The Rotary Arts Centre is made possible by a hard working volunteer board and committees and paid staff.

Board of Directors

Board Chair – Elaine Huxter

Secretary – Olaf Janzen

Treasurer – Jerry George

Vice Chair Performing Arts – Mike Waller

Vice Chair Visual Arts – Charlotte Jones

Members at Large – Trudy-Jo Campbell, Jerry Etienne, Neil Robbins, Wendy Woodland, Kathleen Healey

Rotary Representative - Olaf Janzen

City Representative – Vaughn Granter

Visual Arts Committee

Chair – Charlotte Jones

Trudy-Jo Campbell

Jerry George

Diana Chisholm


Performance Committee

Chair – Mike Waller

Jerry Etienne

Neil Robbins

Wendy Woodland



David Smallwood - CEO

Brad Randell – Theatre Coordinator

Samantha Osmond – Visual Arts Coordinator